Areas of practice

Boutron-Marmion Partners has developed a wide range of expertise in criminal law, including the reduction of criminal risk. In this regard, the firm has been involved in several criminal cases of the first rank.

Criminal defence :

We operate throughout France and in the French overseas departments and territories and assist our clients at all stages of criminal proceedings (police custody, preparation for hearings and interrogations with role-playing, trials).

  • Criminal business law : 

o Criminal labor law

o Corporate criminal law

o Stock market criminal law 

o Environmental criminal law 

o Criminal competition and consumer law

o Criminal tax law

o Medical criminal law

o Money laundering

o Local and international corruption

o Criminal seizures

  • Criminal law
  • Family criminal law
  • International criminal law and extradition

Regulatory Litigation :

The firm also assists its clients in dealings with administrative and regulatory authorities:

– The French General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (or DGCCRF), for example, in matters of unfair commercial practices

– The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF)

– AFA (French Anti-Corruption Agency) audits. 

– The French Competition authority (ADLC)

– The French Banking and Insurance Supervisory Authority (ACPR)

Disciplinary Litigation :

Having regard to the development of We intervene in front of the disciplinary authorities, whether they are ordinal, regional or national, for professionals in the legal, health and financial or accounting fields.

Criminal Risk Management :

The firm assists companies to conduct : 

– Audits of the penal risk

– The implementation of delegations of authority within the company

– The implementation of compliance programs related to anti-money laundering, anti-corruption (SAPIN 2), duty of care 

– Targeted training in criminal risk for managers, companies and institutions in the context of pre-litigation advice

Reputation Protection :

The firm assists its clients in taking actions to protect their image and reputation, particularly during media crises in the conventional media and on social networks:

– Press law (defamation, insult) 

– Invasion of privacy

– Assistance in the context of new types of online crime, in particular the protection of personal data, breach of the presumption of innocence- E-reputation / Cybercrime

Complex civil and commercial litigation :

We intervene on issues related to the business world:

– conflicts between partners / shareholders, commercial contracts

– unfair competition (article 145 of the French Code of Civil Procedure)

We also offer dedicated expertise in complex civil litigation, particularly :

– Cross-border disputes

– Sports : 

The firm has developed a particular expertise in assisting sports players in litigation before civil, criminal and arbitration courts as well as in disciplinary matters. The firm’s lawyers have distinguished themselves in several cases relating to the world of motor sports, such as the so-called Luxury Racing case.

– Art market : 

Boutron-Marmion Partners assists art market players (auction houses, artists, galleries, etc.) in complex litigation before both civil and criminal court.