Algos Victima

Laure Boutron-Marmion, a lawyer committed to defending minors for many years, has long observed the harmful effects of social media platforms. With the growing awareness of the issues surrounding this pioneering topic, she decided to establish the collective “Algos Victima” in 2024.

A true hub for legal and judicial support for victims and their families, “Algos Victima” aims to hold social media companies accountable.

Objectives and Actions:

“Algos Victima” is dedicated to taking necessary legal actions before French institutions to hold social media companies legally responsible for the harm caused to underage users.

The purpose ? To act both nationally and across Europe, highlighting the platforms’ responsibilities in several areas:

– App Design and Systems: The design and systems of these apps foster toxic habits among young people. Algorithms target content liked by minors, increasing their screen time and exposing them to more targeted ads, as well as sensitive and dangerous content.

– Insufficient Risk Information: Platforms do not provide adequate information about the risks associated with using their apps.

– Moderation Failures: Content moderation for underage users is often inadequate.

Notable Events and Investigations:

The January 31, 2024, hearing by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, where the CEOs of Meta, X, TikTok, Snap, and Discord testified about the harm caused to children, and the European Union’s investigation into TikTok on February 19, 2024, for non-compliance with the DSA, are historical events.

The filing of the first French lawsuit against TikTok for incitement to suicide on September 12, 2023, by the family of Marie, represented by Laure Boutron-Marmion, also underscores the urgency of this fight.

The actions led by the firm have garnered significant attention from French political institutions (Senate, National Assembly), European bodies (European Commission), and the national (Le FigaroLe ParisienHuffington Post) and international press (The TimesAP NewsScottish Legal News), furthering this collective awareness.

Supporting Victims:

The testimonies and legal actions pursued by “Algos Victima” aim to highlight the addictive and dangerous nature of social media companies’ products. Together, we can prevent future harm to minors.

The collective talks to all parents of children and teenagers who have been victims of social media, as well as young adults who were victims during their minority. They need to know they are entitled to seek legal redress for the harm suffered. Through their actions, they will contribute to a broader awareness of the disastrous current effects of algorithms and social media platforms on the physical and mental health of minors.

A dedicated contact is available for all victims and their families seeking support: